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Customer Engagement and Retention AI Software

Elula is changing the way you look at customers, through the power of applied artificial intelligence. When you put ‘Sticky’ to work, you soon discover which customers are most engaged and which are looking to leave. But more importantly, Sticky offers up tangible actions to engage and retain customers.

A targeted customer list ranks customers from ‘most sticky’ through to ‘least sticky’ (more likely to leave). It then brings actionable insights to the table that focuses right in on the customers you need to speak to with personalised conversations. This is a true end-to-end retention solution and it’s business-ready from day one.

Watch how Sticky can work for you

Sticky gives your front-line team the edge, with informed and engaging conversations designed to stop customers leaving. It takes just weeks to implement with just a few hours of team training to get them up and running. And we know how hard data can be to manage, so we work together to identify all the data sets you have and do the heavy lifting for you, by collecting and joining all your data into one neat and tidy place. Watch this video to see how simple it is to put Sticky to work in your organisation.